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The Rhythm and Shoes Dance Academy

"There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them." Vicki Baum


Ballet Dance

"I want to inspire every little girl who wants to be a dancer to fire their imagination about the joys of being on stage." Darcey Bussell


Pre-School Dance

"Forget dancing like no one is watching. Dance like a toddler. They don’t even care if there is music"

Frequently asked questions

How do I join?

This can be done by contacting us. There are several ways we can be contacted, please see our contact page for further details.

What will happen when I arrive?

As you enter the studio one of our friendly teachers or assistants will greet you, you will be asked to fill out a form with your child’s details on. Our older classes use a buddy system so that your child will have someone to work with and make them feel welcome.

All of our pupils are really friendly so your child will quickly make lots of new friends. Your child will be shown where to put their drink and coat etc and will be welcomed to join in the class. Feedback will be given about the class afterwards and you are more than welcome to contact us if you have any queries.

Our older classes are drop off and collect.

Is there somewhere to park?

Yes we are located in Firby Court, the road just outside our courtyard (Firby Road) has plenty of free parking you are welcome to park there.

What should my child wear and bring the class?

For the first lesson your child should wear something comfortable and suitable (Sportswear or a PE Kit is perfect) They may also like to bring a drink (non fizzy) and have any long hair tied back. Please also bring any inhalers or other medication your child may require.

Can I purchase dance shoes and uniform from you?

Yes all uniform and shoes can be purchased from ourselves, we pride ourselves on making dance affordable therefore all of our leotards regardless of class are the same colour.

We sell uniform on My Sportwear – everything else is purchased from us.

What performance opportunities do you offer?

Our pupils have a wide range of performance opportunities these include our bi-annual show at The Georgian Theatre Royal. We also support Richmond Town Christmas Market, as well as various pantomimes and local displays. Students are also given opportunities to audition with professional companies such as The English Youth Ballet.

What about exams?

Although exams are not compulsory they are extremely popular with our pupils. All exams taken are full accredited with a professional examination body (International Dance Teachers Association) This means that so if the child were to move locations (such as with the armed forces) he/she could attend another IDTA school and continue their dance journey. Examination results from the IDTA also count towards university UCAS points.

Do you run in the summer?

All our lessons are term time only, however we do have workshops and other events taking place during some school holidays.

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