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The Rhythm and Shoes Dance Academy

"There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them." Vicki Baum


Ballet Dance

"I want to inspire every little girl who wants to be a dancer to fire their imagination about the joys of being on stage." Darcey Bussell


Pre-School Dance

"Forget dancing like no one is watching. Dance like a toddler. They don’t even care if there is music"

Exams & Shows


Pupils at The Rhythm and Shoes Dance Academy all get the chance to perform.

The dance school is lucky enough to be able to host performances and shows in the Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond. As well the opportunity to perform in our own school performances and shows.

Pupils are also fortunate enough to perform in many local events including the annual Christmas Market as well as Pantomimes and other local events.


Although not compulsory pupils are able to partake in exams CDMT accreditation which enables students to include these examinations when applying for University places.  All exams at the Academy are taken with the International Dance Teachers Association in taking examinations with this association. Students are each given a unique PIN number to their next Dance School to continue their dance qualifications, this is particularly beneficial to our forces families who are able to take their PIN number to their next dance school to complete their dance examinations.  Pupils are able to take exams in all disciplines: Ballet, Tap, Freestyle and many others.


As students move up from our Pre-School classes they begin to work on more complex skills. This includes kicks, leaps, isolations, elements of musicality and more complex Tap steps. We have lots of different stage classes for varying ages and students will be taught with others their age. Pupils will master all skills required for exams.

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Students within our Acrobatic Gymnastics classes are encouraged to take exams. Our students do exceptionally well because of their hard work. Younger pupils will take their first Rosette exams, as students grow older they work their way through the IDTA awards system. Students will also be given the opportunity to take part in performances and shows where they can display their work.

Primary & Graded Work

Our primary and grade classes are the next step up in a pupils dance journey.  Pupils master more complex skills and learn more as they progress through the grades. When we feel your child is ready, they are encouraged to begin Pointe Work. Pupils begin by developing their strength and confidence in their new shoes learning how to prepare themselves. When its time for your child to begin Pointe Work we will let you know, to ensure that the Pointe shoes are correct. We will suggest retailers where Pointe shoes will be correctly and professionally fitted which is important for dancer’s feet. Pupils start work at the barre, learning how to rise up onto their Pointe shoes and maintain balance. They will then progress to centre work.

All pupils are taught in age appropriate classes this enables us to plan and deliver classes developmentally appropriate and engaging for everyone. Each year pupils are encouraged to take part on a variety of different exciting events including performances and shows at The Georgian Theatre Royal, local performances and displays such as the Richmond Christmas Market as well as village pantomimes. We regularly host professional workshops for our pupils whereby we invite learning industry professionals to visit our school and deliver sessions to our pupils, this is an exciting time for everyone and pupils gain lots of new skills and techniques in doing this. Pupils can also take exams, we have a 100% pass rate for our IDTA exams, an internationally recognised, CDET accredited examination board.

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